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Program Details

The Entry Level Certificate in Executive Protection program at Henley-Putnam University may be ideal for anyone considering a related career, or an individual currently involved in executive protection. Students will learn about the important basic skills and concepts essential to protecting an individual person such as a politician, CEO, or celebrity. The course will teach students about defensive tactics, vehicle and perimeter security, threat assessment, and other specific areas involved in protection.

As part of the course, students will study the gathering of intelligence and advance work, in preparation for possible conflict, with the aim of avoiding disputes. Advance work includes learning how to identify hazards which could lead to danger in a variety of situations, gathering appropriate intelligence, and preparing a complete and comprehensive advance report. The program will also teach communications with coworkers and clients as well as basic team management. Students may also develop writing skills that are important in writing comprehensive reports.

Students will learn not only skills in protection from violence and threats, but also in dealing with their clients. Participants will learn agent-client relations including proper protocol and etiquette. They will also explore public/private morality of executives and the moral influence managers may have in certain situations. As individuals with high responsibility to important figures, protective services employees will face moral challenges. Therefore, this program will also explore the importance of maintaining morality. Students will also compare and contrast various protective services that serve dignitaries in Western countries. Finally, students will analyze debates and different points of views having to do with renditions, espionage, terror detainees, loyalty, and covert actions.

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