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Program Details

The Certificate in Intelligence and Terrorism Profiling program at Henley-Putnam University allows students to learn the basics of terrorism and its dynamics as a means of producing effective counterterrorism. Graduates may pursue entry-level employment with organizations that combat terrorism, which include those in the government, military, and private sector. Also, individuals who are already employed in an area related to homeland security may gain additional knowledge and expand their work-related skill set.

The program involves four courses that include topics on the terrorist mind and characteristics, terrorist group dynamics, and the process of vetting. Courses will use real world examples to explore the reasons terrorists kill others and the tactics they use to do so. A major focus will be how organizations use social control on those who are vulnerable. Finally, students will learn about how this information can lead to better strategies and techniques in counterterrorism.

Students will learn about vetting out agents and sources, which means authenticating their trustworthiness. Students will also learn how to establish, report, and verify the reliability of a source. The program teaches verbal and behavioral characteristics that are indicators of the level of possible danger, reasons for suicidal behavior in terrorists, and terrorist characteristics that can be exploited to infiltrate and stop groups. Students will also look at the various structures within a terrorist organization and how the internal dynamics affect their capabilities and actions. Another topic will be how groups can recruit and control individuals based on religious tenets or other means of authority as well as methods used in “brainwashing” and deploying their recruits.

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