Master of Science in Health Care Administration
Grand Canyon University

Program Details

Master of Science in Health Care Administration.  The health care industry will continue to expand and diversify, requiring qualified managers to improve quality and efficiency of health care, while controlling costs, as insurance companies and Medicare demand higher levels of accountability. This comprehensive and current degree program provides the skills and experience necessary to perform as middle- and upper-level managers in a variety of health care organizations, and to serve as innovative change agents and leaders of organizational improvement and adaptation within the health care industry. The program emphasizes the conceptual, analytical, and application skills required to manage in contemporary health care organizations. Courses include an in-depth examination of health sciences, contemporary health care, research, leadership, organizational structure, human resources, marketing, and business and project planning. Graduates prepare themselves to excel in administrative positions in hospitals, long-term care facilities, outpatient facilities, physician offices, mental health agencies, insurance companies, public health agencies, and other types of health organizations.

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