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Program Details

Georgia Perimeter College offers an Associate of Arts degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Management for students who are interested in learning about the department of homeland security and related organizations in preparation for careers in fields related to emergency management. Through the program, students may prepare for roles and responsibilities within emergency management fields by learning about the nature of man-made and natural emergencies and the processes involved in the response to an event. Students may learn about critical aspects of emergency management in order to develop strategies to mitigate threats to people, facilities, and information dependent critical infrastructure.

Students in the program will study through a curriculum which emphasizes the role of response within homeland security organizations. Those classes include Introduction to National Incident Management System and National Response Framework, Living in a Hazardous Environment, Principles and Practices of Emergency Management, and Citizen and Community Disaster Preparedness.

Students who successfully complete this degree should have proven their capability in understanding the theoretical concepts and practices of emergency management relating to homeland security and other safety organizations, and should also understand the concepts involved in the managerial approaches that are a part of the processes involved in emergency management. Graduates should be able to critically analyze the emergency phases relating to natural emergencies in urban and rural settings.

Furthermore, students should be able to demonstrate competency in assessing risk susceptibility, resilience, resistance, and vulnerability among communities and organizations, to critically evaluate the role and purpose of response and recovery in emergency planning and policy development and implications for social change, and to demonstrate advanced management skills specific to the needs of emergency management.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges