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Associate in Arts

Program Details

The Associate in Arts Degree from Forsyth Technical Community College is a program designed to prepare students in non-scientific areas such as Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Education (Elementary, Middle, Special), English, History, Nursing, Physical Education, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology and others. The basic coursework includes topics in humanities, mathematics, natural and social sciences, computer appliances, and composition and literature. 

It is recommended that students have strong communication skills, critical-thinking skills, an aptitude for learning languages, vocabulary skills, and strong study skills in order to succeed in this program. As much as this degree is beneficial to any aspiring student, the program strongly suggests students to continue their education by staying the additional two years and getting a 4-year degree rather than just an associates. 

The degree is for those who may not have chosen a specific career path and want immerse themselves in an array of basic college courses.  It can potentially result in careers with a respectable income and much less student debt (versus the traditional 4-year Bachelor’s degree). These courses can be put towards a 4-year degree. In other words, the degree is designed for transfer, not for immediate employment.   


High school transcript, an adult high school diploma program, or a high school equivalent (HSE) certificate program.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges