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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Degree

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All parts of the legal system require inpiduals who are dedicated, intelligent, and educated. These people seek to understand crime, criminal behavior, the law, and law enforcement. In law enforcement and policing, these people become supervisors and detectives who demonstrate their ability to think critically and their ability to work harder and smarter than others. In addition, federal organizations like the FBI seek inpiduals with a strong educational and experience background almost exclusively, especially as demands for homeland security continue to grow.

For those seeking to become a police officer, a federal agent, or those who seek to work in corrections, investigation, and intelligence, Florida Tech University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program. This program is for people who are ready to become active members in the fight against crime. Florida Tech offers the BA in Criminal Justice entirely online, making the program available to students of all walks of life by who would otherwise not be able to learn or attend a traditional classroom because of the restrictions put on them by their careers or personal lives. 

As part of the Criminal Justice program, students will learn to analyze the components of criminal justice including crime statistics and trends, victimology and crime prevention. Also, they will be able to analyze crime through techniques, method, and technologies in order to gain situational awareness. Lastly, they will learn to apply legal concepts including due process, legal search and seizure, criminal liability, and use of force. 

Students will leave the program with a perspective of the criminal justice system in the United States, from investigation and arrest, to court and incarceration and punishment. They will understand and practice behaviors for effective policing and crime prevention, and understand the factors that influence delinquency and crime.


Official transcripts of high school graduation or GED equivalent (if fewer than 24 semester credit hours at an accredited institution). Official transcripts of all regionally accredited higher education institutions attended. Official records for any advancement exams, including CLEP, GED college-level examinations, and /or DANTES, USAFI examinations.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges