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Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology / Forensic Psychology

Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology with a Concentration in Forensic Psychology program at Florida Institute of Technology is designed to prepare individuals to understand the psychological underpinnings for behavior and interpreting psychological responses and behaviors for legal and law enforcement purposes. Florida Tech offers the classes entirely online.  

Graduates will gain the benefit of being able to examine and answer questions regarding human nature, human behavior, crime, and criminality from various disciplinary viewpoints. In addition, graduates with a degree in Applied Psychology with a Forensic Psychology concentration will be able to understand how psychological examination factors into the decision processes of police officers, prosecutors, defense lawyers, judges and juries. 

Students should seek such a degree if they have an interest in behavioral sciences or psychology as it pertains to the law and law enforcement. However, in order to maximize the value of education in psychology, students should strongly consider continuing their education with a master’s or Ph.D. after completing their bachelor's degree in order to have access to the education and training which opens up a large variety of employment opportunities for individuals with psychology degrees.


Official transcripts of high school graduation or GED equivalent (if fewer than 24 semester credit hours at an accredited institution). Official transcripts of all regionally accredited higher education institutions attended. Official records for any advancement exams, including CLEP, GED college-level examinations, and /or DANTES, USAFI examinations.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges