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Health Care represents one of the largest growth industries in the world and represents hundreds of billion dollars of spending within the U.S. every year. Factors affecting the growth of the health care industry include the costs of health care in the United States, the aging baby boomer population, and complex regulations and medical law which require a large degree of safety in medical procedures and decision in the U.S. There is a constant need for health care around the world and a person who makes health care their career choice will be choosing a career with nearly endless possibility and opportunity. 

Typically, there is almost no entrance into the field of health care without formal training and education. Inpiduals seeking to become part of the health care or health care administration system are chained to the regulations of the system and as a result, a degree is needed. The Associate of Arts in Healthcare Management degree at Florida Tech University offers interested inpiduals an opening into health care with a curriculum that can be completed entirely online in 20 months. As a result, people who are working or studying to become a health care professional can earn their degree without sacrificing their personal lives or jobs to the traditional college system. 

As part of the introductory experience into health care, students will develop management skills with a focus in health care strategy, staffing, planning, organization and leadership. These managerial skills will be taught within the focus of healthcare in order to correctly understand the sociological and ethical expectations of workers and managers in the U.S. healthcare system. In addition, students will be exposed to critical thinking methods and strategies which are needed to identify and solve problems within the health care system and resolve dilemmas which health care professionals may face in their careers. Students will also receive education in statistical analysis in within the parameters of the U.S. healthcare system and organizational structure. Students seeking an Associate of Arts in Healthcare Management should have a High School diploma or equivalent.


Official transcripts of high school graduation or GED equivalent (if fewer than 24 semester credit hours at an accredited institution). Official transcripts of all regionally accredited higher education institutions attended. Official records for any advancement exams, including CLEP, GED college-level examinations, and /or DANTES, USAFI examinations.

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