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Inpiduals interested in jobs in Security or Law Enforcement typically are able to become a police officer immediately after receiving their high school diploma or GED; however, inpiduals who want to make the Law their career path should begin with a college education. College-educated inpiduals in Law and Law Enforcement are more likely to earn more and get promoted faster than their colleagues.  The country will always have need for highly skilled and well trained inpiduals working to protect the border, prevent crime and administrater the legal system. 

People considering making Law their career choice should consider an Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Tech University. Florida Tech offers its entire Criminal Justice curriculum online for inpiduals seeking to advance their career, or move onto higher degrees without putting their lives on hold in the process.

Students who choose Florida Tech’s AA in Criminal Justice will learn how to effectively communicate in the environment.  In addition, students will develop critical thinking skills to identify and solve problems and learn how statistical analysis can be used to identify crime trends and influence criminology and justice policy. 

Upon graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice, students will have learned the relationship between historical, legal, sociological and psychological influences affecting the legal system, also recognizing causes, effects, and prevention techniques used for criminal and delinquent behavior. Future law enforcement officers will also have experience and knowledge with drug education and treatment strategies and practices used for prevention of drug-related behavior. In addition, the Associate of Art in Criminal Justice degree from Florida Tech is the starting point for higher level education including a Bachelor and Master’s degree. Each degree earned represents additional potential and possibility for inpiduals seeking a path in the Criminal Justice system. 

To apply for the AA in Criminal Justice program at Florida Tech, students must have a high school diploma or equivalent.


Official transcripts of high school graduation or GED equivalent (if fewer than 24 semester credit hours at an accredited institution). Official transcripts of all regionally accredited higher education institutions attended. Official records for any advancement exams, including CLEP, GED college-level examinations, and /or DANTES, USAFI examinations.

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