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Program Details

Faith Evangelical College and Seminary offers a Master of Divinity degree for those who are entering the ministry, or leaders within the ministry who wish to develop an understanding of the history of the Bible and Christianity. Through this program, students will prepare for leadership responsibilities by developing a perspective and study of the theological aspects of the messages of the Bible and development in preparation for pastoral responsibilities and teachings.

Students will focus on the theological and historical understanding of the Bible in their development of personal philosophy and theology needed for leadership responsibilities in the ministry. The curriculum consists of 136 credit hours of classes that include courses such as Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, Theological Writing and Terminology, and The Leader’s Inner Journey.

Grades of this program should have the potential to display qualifications such as mastery of the field of biblical studies and a working knowledge of related academic disciplines such as theology and history, mastery of the ability to utilize the biblical text in context of its original languages and to exegete it in a scholarly manner, and the skills to engage competently in original research and writing that advance the understanding of the biblical text for the sake of academy, church, and society in order to enrich the spiritual life of others. Students should also have developed a sense of and commitment to the vocation of biblical scholarship in its dimensions of learning, research, and teaching.

Accreditation & Licensing

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission