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Program Details

Faith Evangelical College and Seminary offers a Master of Arts Degree in Theological Studies for students and members of the church who are interested in developing advanced understanding of the Bible and its interpretation. By developing fundamental knowledge of these issues, students may be better prepared for the development of their personal theology, which may be used to meet the needs of the church and church-related ministry. This program places emphasis on scholarly biblical research for the education of those who wish to be effective Christian ministers and church leaders, teachers, and scholars.

Through the program, students may develop their understanding of the Bible and Christianity through a theological perspective as they examine the history and the purpose of the church. The curriculum consists of 72 credit hours of classes which include Introduction to Apologetics, Theological Writing and Terminology, and Introduction to Biblical Interpretation.

Students completing the program should have demonstrated mastery of theological studies with qualifications that include a foundational knowledge of the content of Scripture within its cultural and historical context, and competence and understanding of the word of God through utilizing basic methods of biblical interpretation. Graduate should also be able to display knowledge of theology and Christian doctrines, as well as knowledge of the history of Christianity.

In addition, students should know how to effectively communicate the message of Christianity in various cultural contexts and how to integrate theological reflection and practice. Students should also demonstrate the ability to promote a biblical and theological understanding of the person, work and ministry.

Accreditation & Licensing

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission