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Program Details

A Doctor of Ministry is offered from Faith Evangelical College and Seminary for professionals in vocational ministry who are interested in developing their effectiveness as ministers. This task may be completed through a foundation of theology and development of their capabilities in the practical aspects of pastoral leadership, global ministry, and counseling ministries. Students in the program will learn to analyze and meet the biblical needs of the people in their ministry with an understanding of the study of Christianity and other biblical tools in order to develop a ministry philosophy.

While in this program, students will study advanced and contemporary issues of research and study for leaders in the ministry and work towards completing their dissertation. The curriculum consists of 48 credit hours of programs, which include Principles of Strategic Leadership, Spiritual Formations for Christian Leaders, and Strategic Leadership and Care Systems.

Students who successfully complete the doctoral program and their dissertation should have acquired a working knowledge of related academic disciplines such as theology and history, and have mastered the ability to utilize the biblical text in context of its original languages and to exegete it in a scholarly manner. Graduates should also possess the skills to engage competently in original research and writing that advance the understanding of the biblical text for the sake of academy, church, and society in order to enrich the spiritual life of others. Finally, during their time within this program, graduates may have developed a sense of and a commitment to the vocation of biblical scholarship in its dimensions of learning, research, and teaching.


Three recommendations (clergy, personal, academic) attesting to the applicant’s commitment to Christ, leadership and decision making ability, emotional stability, and facility in interpersonal relationships.

A substantive academic paper that demonstrates an ability to research and write at the doctoral level (10-15 pages).

Acceptable TOEFL score if English is not the applicant’s primary language.

Accreditation & Licensing

Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, Accreditation Commission