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Program Details

Students have the opportunity to design their own plan of study using an interdisciplinary approach with Eastern Oregon University’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program, offered completely online. Students can choose to combine two or more academic disciplines while using their experiences to inform their personalized career goals. The goals of the program are fourfold: students will gain a breadth of knowledge, learn communication and critical thinking skills, cultivate a sense of personal and social responsibility, and be able to integrate, apply, and reflect on their knowledge and experiences.

Within the major, students have several options for curriculum design:

  1. Combining two EOU minors
  2. Combining and EOU minor with a minor from another accredited institution
  3. Concentrate in an EOU pre-approved program: Business and Health Promotion, Early Childhood Education, Environmental Studies, and Organizational Psychology
  4. EOU inpidualized plan — EOU minor and one or two subject fields

The faculty balances teaching and research to expose students to theoretical developments in the discipline while helping students develop critical thinking skills, academic writing skills, and helping them become informed readers and citizens. Students may combine fields of study to best suit their academic and career goals after completing 60 credits and may then apply for the major. Students will learn how to approach persity in environment, society, perspective, and culture, an invaluable skill both in the workplace and in daily interaction.

Accreditation & Licensing

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities