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Program Details

East Tennessee State University offers a degree in Master of Professional Studies designed for working adults who wish to complete graduate professional studies that combine two or more disciplines. The program develops professionally oriented inpiduals with programs that meet their needs by preparing them for professional environments and professional expectations. Through this program, students will make connections between various professional fields and traditional social science disciplines. 

Students will be chosen based on their test scores, or demonstrating their academic and professional records. In lieu of test scores, students with at least five years of professional work experience may submit a professional portfolio demonstrating their work experiences.

The program is offered on-campus or entirely online. The Master of Professional Studies degree is designed for working professionals, therefore online options are becoming a larger choice in professional studies because the flexible curriculum and schedule allows professional students the opportunity to follow their goals of higher education while maintaining their professional and personal schedules which they might not be able to do with the rigors of traditional on-campus classroom experience. 

The program has two concentrations, including strategic leadership and training & development. As part of the strategic leadership program, students will focus on Leadership Theory, Research/Data Analysis, Organizational Structure and Change, Communication, and Strategic Planning and Assessment. In these areas, they will take courses in foundations of leadership, current issues & cases in leadership, small group leadership, computer-based decision modeling, statistical analysis, leadership in organization, public relations management, and project planning and scheduling. AS part of the training & development concentration, they will take classes in teaching online, computer-based instruction, and instructional design for electronic training, among other classes.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges