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Master of Business Administration

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At a certain level of business, nothing will beat knowledge developed from experience. However to gain a position in that field of experience, businesses expect their employees to be complete professionals and have a superb educational background. They are the people who manage every part of the business and connect the work of each person to turn a venture from an idea into a functioning operation and make a business efficient and profitable. At a certain level of responsibility in a business, one of the best things that can help make a worker into a manager is education and training. The Master of Business Administration degree is a program and can help graduates push their career forward in competitive management positions.

East Carolina University offers the Master of Business Administration degree for students and professions who seek to expand their professional and career knowledge, accreditation, and opportunities. The MBA program will promote organizational effectiveness and business acumen by providing coursework including work in context of today’s business environment.  

As part of the program; students will begin core courses to form a foundation for a background in business, taking part in courses in financial accounting, market strategy, analysis, and development, analytical tools, business communication, collaboration and conflict resolution, managerial economics, operations management, introductory finance, strategy, and students will focus on developing their managerial and leadership communication skills and abilities. After that, students will begin to customize their MBA program by choosing a concentration in a specific business discipline to advance their career.


A baccalaureate degree in any discipline from institutions accredited by a CHEA-recognized institutional accrediting agency. Must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7. GMAT/GRE: Waiver may be available for some.

Accreditation & Licensing

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB)