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Program Details

College of Saint Elizabeth offers a Certificate in Pastoral Administration for individuals and members of the church who want to take on roles of ministerial leadership as part of their commitment to Christianity, and are interested in developing their leadership and administrative capacities necessary to facilitate the role. Through the program, students will learn about the administrative, financial, ethical, and moral requirements of managing a parish. To that end, they may develop their educational background and learn to incorporate their experiences in leadership and administration to be better suited for operating a financially, managerially, and ethically sound parish.

The curriculum consists of 24 credit hours of courses that include Pastoral Administration, Fundamentals of Christian Faith, and Principles and Processes for Decision Making in Christian Ethics. Students should develop their understanding of the responsibilities included in the job of a pastor and learn about the business and personnel management concerns that make up the functional duties of their job.

Students who successfully complete this certificate program have the potential to display foundational knowledge of the Bible which contributes to the formation of a Christian worldview intended to help the graduate apply biblical truth to contemporary and cultural issues. Graduates should also demonstrate a competency in pastoral duties in order to become a well-rounded leader and professional in the church, show the skills necessary for effective oral, written, and visual communication, and display leadership ability and professionalism appropriate for their roles in parish administration.

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education