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Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Church Ministry and Leadership program offered by Clear Creek Baptist Bible College is a program of study offered to students who are interested in learning how to better serve their local church, those who are attempting to find their own direction related to vocational ministry, or those who want to serve in other church agencies or ministries. This program’s curriculum focuses on basic ministry skills, expands on knowledge of the Bible, and prepares its students to specialize in a particular area of ministry.

Students, upon graduating from this program, should be able to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired in this program to both lead and equip their church members through planning, coordinating, administering, and implementing faith-based teachings that are unique to the church and its subsidiaries. In order to graduate, all students at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College must complete two Christian Service Assignments, a Christian Service Guidance (during every semester the student is enrolled), the How to Study course, and chapel requirements. Students who are looking to further pursue educational endeavors after this program will ideally have a foundational set of skills and knowledge that can be used in graduate education.

Students are required to complete 130 credit hours of courses in order to graduate with the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree. Students will participate in general studies courses in addition to specialized courses. Students take courses in both Bible and theology as well as ministry studies cores. The required courses include: Educational Administration and Leadership, a Bible Teaching lab, and Evangelism. Students are also required to complete two internships and a practicum. This program is offered by Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, which is affiliated with the Baptist Church.

Accreditation & Licensing

Association for Biblical Higher Education, Commission on Accreditation

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges