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Certificate in Systems and Software Engineering

Program Details

The Certificate in Systems and Software Engineering program offered by Carnegie Mellon University is an integrated effort between the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon and the College of Engineering at Cornell University. This program is intended for professionals who are currently working in this field and who have backgrounds in either software or systems development. An objective of this program is to increase a student’s knowledge and skills, as well as to advance their careers in Systems and / or Software Engineering.

The typical applicant for admission to this program has two to three years of experience in the industry and should have worked on some small as well as large-scale software or system projects. This program has the potential to lead to a full degree in either Systems Engineering at Cornell or in Software Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. The courses taken through this program have the capability to be counted toward degree completion requirements for students opting to pursue a further degree. The requirements for enrollment in this program include: academic or significant work experience in a technical discipline and an understanding of both systems and software engineering. Prospective students should have a background in engineering or a computer science related field as well as experience working in teams and on team projects.

The curriculum requires students to complete five courses in order to graduate with the Certificate in Systems and Software Engineering. Some of these courses are offered through Cornell University, while others are offered by Carnegie Mellon. A few of the required courses include: Managing Software Development, Architectures for Software Systems, and Introduction to Systems Engineering. Students must take one elective through Carnegie Mellon or Cornell. A student should choose their elective according to their personal interests, career goals, or educational goals.


  • Academic or significant work experience in a technical discipline, preferably with an understanding of both systems and software engineering.
  • An undergraduate degree and transcripts. 
  • Background in engineering / computer science or a related field.
  • Summary of significant professional experience and a current resume.

Accreditation & Licensing

Middle States Commission on Higher Education


Alabama, Arkansas or Minnesota residents are not eligible to apply for enrollment in Carnegie Mellon courses and programs delivered via distance education.