Associate in Arts in Psychology
Bunker Hill Community College

Program Details

The Associate in Arts in Psychology offered by Bunker Hill Community College is available to students in a completely online format. An objective of the college is to help students develop themselves into critical thinkers who can examine various propositions, theoretical statements, and social assertions that they encounter. This program aims to equip students with an understanding of basic research methods and techniques that are employed by psychologists, sociologists, and cultural anthropologists.

This program aims to provide the fundamental theoretical foundations of their field of study. By the end of the program, a student should have acquired the following skills and should be able to convey the following knowledge: to be able to describe the characteristics of major psychological theories; to have an understanding of current perspectives regarding the relationship between the mind and the body; to be able to comprehend the current schools of psychotherapy and how they are utilized; finally, to explain the biological, cognitive, affective, and emotional stages of human development throughout the life span.

The required courses for the General Education core include: College Writing I and II and electives in Individual and Society, World View, Quantitative Thought, Science and Technology, and Humanities. General Education courses are required so as to impart to the student a wide breadth of knowledge, the ability to think critically, analyze affectively, and be prepared for a variety of challenges that may come up in a career situations. The Concentration courses include: Principles of Psychology, Principles of Sociology, Child Psychology or Adolescent and Adult Development; Psychology of Personal Adjustment, Social Psychology, Intro to Behavioral Research, and electives in Mathematics, Lab Science, Literature, Liberal Arts, and more.


Requires 62-63 credit hours for completion. High school diploma or GED equivalent. Official transcripts from previous college(s).

School Accreditation Statement

New England Commission of Higher Education