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Program Details

Bellingham Technical College offers a Child Development Certificate for students and educators who are interested in improving their credential as a knowledgeable professional in the care and education of children who are developing socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically. Students will learn about working with families to help guide child development and work toward developing emotionally and intellectually healthy children.

The program consists of classroom courses which emphasize real-world education through examination of cases and education which will be applicable on the job. Those classes include introduction to early childhood education and health, safety, and nutrition, child development and learning environments, working with families and professionalism, and a class devoted to preparing the student for the childhood development associate assessment.  

Through completion of the program, students will have demonstrated the professionalism and skill necessary to earn the Master of Science degree. The qualifications demonstrate the student has been able to apply the principles they learned in the program into their eventual development as a functional affective professional in their field.  These qualifications include but are not limited to: the ability to identify developmentally appropriate practices related to creating healthy environments, to identify the individual characteristics of children and use this knowledge to make informed decisions, to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity and the vital role it plays in children’s healthy development and learning, and to use professional resources, including collegial sharing for continued professional development, and to promote advocacy and social change.


Prerequisite: Students must be working with young children regularly either in a paid or volunteer position to fulfill the coursework requirements.

Accreditation & Licensing

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities