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Behavioral Science Degree - Bachelor of Science

Program Details

The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Science (BSA) major is an accelerated cohort program alternative to the traditional BA/BS program. The Behavioral Science Degree is for students who want to work in the human services field. In addition, this curriculum provides the foundation for students who wish to pursue the Master of Arts in Human Services (a program designed for human service agency administrative leadership) or Master of Science in Clinical Counseling (a program designed for licensure preparation in mental health fields).

The BSA program incorporates a full range of "learning skills" needed by all professionals and involves students in assessment processes that lead to quality "integrated" performances. The emphasis on activities, assignments, and projects that lead to transferable learning outcomes is a significant educational feature in preparation for future professional and educational opportunities. The foundational knowledge includes major concepts and theories of psychology, sociology, and counseling, with emphasis on applications to examples in human services or to personal areas of improvement. Applied experience is an important component that helps the student deepen a reflective understanding of self, of diverse populations of clients, and of agencies that provide services.


This is a bachelor completion program. A total of 127 credits are required, including transfer credits. Must have associate’s degree or completion of 60 semester hours, grade “C” or higher. High school diploma or GED equivalent. Official transcripts.

Accreditation & Licensing

The Higher Learning Commission