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MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practices

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Bay Path University is in the “business of teaching business.” For over one hundred years, the school has worked to teach business leaders innovative strategies to take their organizations, and their careers, to the next level. With its wide array of course offerings and online degree programs, the school makes gaining the education and skills needed in today’s business world very accessible. One of Bay Path’s degrees is the MBA in Entrepreneurial Thinking and Innovative Practice (ETIP).

Designed for working professionals, the ETIP program promotes creativity, innovation, and an entrepreneurial mindset to prepare students for a variety of business leadership roles. Based on a solid foundation of business practices and understanding, the program teaches students to adjust to new products and ideas in today’s dynamic business world. The education gained helps students have confidence in their decision making skills and gives them the ability to stand behind and defend those decisions.

The program’s faculty members come from a wide range of senior business management roles and bring with them their experiences from the field. This faculty first-hand experience, coupled with the program’s emphasis on case studies, shines light on a wide range of emerging business practices, topics, problems, and scenarios.

The flexibility of this degree program makes it possible for students to earn their degree while still working full time. The degree can be completed in one or two years, depending on a student’s enrollment status. Persons interested in learning more are encouraged to sign up for one of the program’s free Webinar information sessions or contact program faculty and staff.


Essay. Resume. 3.0 GPA. Two recommendations.

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New England Commission of Higher Education