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Bachelor of Arts in Business Management

Program Details

Barclay College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management degree for students who are interested in developing the skills necessary for business, including skills in management, marketing, finance, accounting, and statistics with a Christ-centered, Bible-focused perspective. Students will learn how to do business with a Christian worldview.


This is a bachelor completion program. 128 total hours are required, including transfer and major requirements.

  • Core curriculum: 48 credits
  • Prior completion of approximately 50-60 semester credits from an accredited college / post secondary institution (Only courses which carry a grade of "C" or better will be accepted for transfer.)
  • Cumulative college GPA of 2.0
  • Official high school transcript or GED certificate
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/post secondary institutions previously attended
  • Two satisfactory personal references

Accreditation & Licensing

Association for Biblical Higher Education, Commission on Accreditation

Higher Learning Commission