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Bachelor of Arts in Military History

Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Military History degree program is designed for students seeking greater understanding of military historiography studies in the context of a general liberal arts education. As opposed to many military history programs, it focuses primarily on armed conflicts and how their outcomes shaped civilizations throughout history. Students are prepared to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key historical facts, values, and ideas that have shaped civilizations throughout history
  • Analyze primary sources in their historical context
  • Analyze secondary sources and identify various approaches to historical interprentation through critical reading
  • Evaluate historical arguments based on primary sources and the historical method
  • Demonstrate ability to conduct independent historical research in primary and secondary sources and complete a major research paper


Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. College Readiness Assessment (waived for students with 9 or more college credits). Official transcripts.

Accreditation & Licensing

Higher Learning Commission