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Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security

Program Details

The Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security degree program offers students a comprehensive education in the basics of terrorism, counterterrorism, hazard management, intelligence, and other components of national security. Graduates are prepared to:

  • Examine the historical and evolving concept of homeland security within the broader political and national security system of the contemporary nation-state
  • Recognize the detailed mitigation, planning, response, and recovery phases to and from a national security incident 
  • Differentiate among the various national security threats including those that are manmade, technological, and natural
  • Discuss the strategic, operational, and tactical threats presented by chemical, nuclear, and biological agents including agent characteristics and delivery systems
  • Distinguish among and assess the various homeland security approaches, techniques, and processes such as analytics, indications, warnings, and forecasting
  • Explain the key administrative and command and control elements of the evolving homeland security relationships among the intelligence community Department of Homeland Security; interagency processes and institutions; federal, state, and local intergovernmental relations; and a comprehensive U.S. homeland security strategy 


Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent. College Readiness Assessment (waived for students with 9 or more college credits). Official transcripts.

Accreditation & Licensing

Higher Learning Commission