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Program Details

American College of Technology offers the Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Systems for students who want to promote health by working in one of the most important parts of public health: aggregation and interpretation of health data in order to provide better care for patients seeking health services.  Health information systems are utilized by businesses to provide the best care possible. Students will learn to apply technology and information gathering to increase patient care and reduce costs to health providers by enhancing healthcare delivery systems, and facilitate the sharing of information between healthcare professionals and other groups who are responsible for improving patient and public health care.

Students will develop an understanding of information technology and its utilization within healthcare services. Those classes include information technology and distance learning, integrated business applications, introduction to healthcare, medical terminology, medical transcription and editing, understanding health insurance, insurance billing and coding, administrative healthcare, medical law and HIPAA compliance, health information management, electronic health records, basic English and communications, business communication, business math, college algebra, and global sociology.  

Upon completion of the program, students will have demonstrated the necessary professional and educational credentials for fundamental roles involving healthcare information systems.  These qualifications include but are not limited to: the ability to apply basic principles related to program planning, health finance, and program evaluation, which are used to develop and implement effective public health programs and services for populations, and to identify ways in which technology can be used to improve the health of populations as well as the practice of public health.


High school completion or equivalent. Resume. Official transcripts from other colleges (if applicable). Enrollment agreement. Government-issued photo id. Verification of funding source. Admissions interview.

Accreditation & Licensing

Distance Education Accrediting Commission