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Production Media

Program Details

Allen Community College offers a certificate in Production Media for students interested in careers in multimedia. Students will learn to build their proficiency in the utilization and application of multimedia. This can be used in the production of computer graphics and designs for the purpose of creating digital designs as art and for business purposes. Students will learn to utilize premier programs in the development of their graphic design ability in order to create web-based, business, and independent designs.

The program consists of classes which emphasize practical development of skill and technique utilizing graphic design programs. These classes include introduction to computer graphics, introduction to Photoshop, digital photography, Dreamweaver, advanced Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, foundations in graphic design, and macromedia flash.

Students completing the program will have demonstrated their educational and technical qualifications necessary for creating a marketing design. These abilities include demonstrating entry-level professional Photoshop skills and effective decisions in selecting and editing images for marketing; showing the ability to utilize distinctive color palettes based on the principles of color harmony; creating standards-compliant webpage layouts by hand-coding using HTML and publish them to the web; and demonstrating the ability to research and select appropriate typefaces and design typography to support the branding or communication goal of a particular client or project.


High school transcript or proof of GED completion and scores. Official transcripts from previous universities and colleges (if applicable). SAT/ACT scores - COMPASS/ASSET test administered to students not submitting SAT/ACT scores.

Accreditation & Licensing

Higher Learning Commission