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Physics (AS)

Program Details

Allen County Community College offers an Associate of Science degree in Physics for students who are interested in learning about the many fields related to the study of physics. Students will learn about mechanics, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, mechanical and electromagnetic waves, modern physics, the scientific method, and will work on developing a strong background in calculus and advanced mathematics for advanced studies of physics. Students can utilize the degree for entry-level employment in the scientific fields, in addition to forming the basis for future studies in science.

Students will develop an understanding of physics through the structured curriculum, which will form the basis for future studies. Those classes include college chemistry, calculus with analytical geometry, English composition, college career success seminar, engineering physics, public speaking, microeconomics, and a variety of electives.  

Students completing the program will have demonstrated their capabilities and qualifications for roles in the study of physics.These qualifications include the ability to demonstrate understanding of the fundamentals of mechanics, including the understanding Newton’s laws of motion, vector measurements, and principles associated with mechanics, including kinematics, work, energy, momentum, oscillations, fluids, and gravitation; to demonstrate understanding of the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism, including electric and magnetic fields and forces; to understand related electrical and magnetic concepts, including electric potentials, capacitance, and direct current and alternating current; and possess the knowledge of the fundamentals of thermodynamics, waves, and modern physics relating to entropy or changes in the state of matter.


High school transcript or proof of GED completion and scores. Official transcripts from previous universities and colleges (if applicable). SAT/ACT scores - COMPASS/ASSET test administered to students not submitting SAT/ACT scores.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission