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English (AA)

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Allen County Community College offers an Associate of Arts degree in English for students who want to study liberal arts and the humanities, including the history of written English literature and the different styles of literature produced. Students will study different periods in chronological perspectives as well as by stylistic movements in order to develop their understanding of the progression of English language and literature. In addition, through the program they will develop their writing skills in professional and creative contexts.

Students will focus on a curriculum involving the creation of written language as well as the history of the English language and the history of written works. These classes include public speaking, English composition, introduction to literature, early American literature, early British literature, poetry, fiction, modern American literature, modern British literature, natural sciences, and several electives in history, social and behavioral psychology and science, fine arts and humanities, and electives in health and physical sciences.

Upon completing the program, students will have demonstrated capabilities in writing and analyzing literature in the English language. These qualifications include the ability to demonstrate mastery of the foundational knowledge and skills related to the discipline of English; to demonstrate the ability to interpret and explore literature as a reflection of human nature; to demonstrate the ability to formulate and reflect on inferences toward social commentary during the study of writing and literature; and to demonstrate the ability to explore and evaluate both historical and contemporary culture through literature.


High school transcript or proof of GED completion and scores. Official transcripts from previous universities and colleges (if applicable). SAT/ACT scores - COMPASS/ASSET test administered to students not submitting SAT/ACT scores.

Accreditation & Licensing

Higher Learning Commission