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Early Childhood Education (AAS)

Program Details

Allen County Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Early Childhood Education for students interested in becoming an educator at the early childhood level, from early years as they develop into school-aged students. Students will learn about the psychological and social development of children from young ages until they begin school, learning to help them develop as students and as people as their minds progress. Students will learn about the best practices for educating children and will learn about their responsibilities and roles in the classroom as they help children learn and develop.

Students will develop their understanding of the psychological needs of children as they develop, in addition to learning the practices of teaching young children. Those classes include English composition, introduction to computers, early childhood growth and development, principles of early childhood education, child health, safety, and nutrition, business math, creative experiences, observing and interacting with young children, multicultural education of children, and early childhood curriculum, among others.

Upon completing the program, students will have developed the necessary educational background for future studies in early childhood education.  These qualifications include but are not limited to the ability to deepen your knowledge of child development and learning and study effective programs and practices in the early childhood field; to critically examine issues, trends, and current research in the early childhood field; to understand foundational theories of research and practice related to the early childhood field; to reflect on your own values, beliefs, and biases and use this understanding to improve your work with children, families, and organizations; and to broaden your knowledge of issues related to equity and inclusion and learn to address inequities and advocate for children and families.


High school transcript or proof of GED completion and scores. Official transcripts from previous universities and colleges (if applicable). SAT/ACT scores - COMPASS/ASSET test administered to students not submitting SAT/ACT scores.

Accreditation & Licensing

North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, The Higher Learning Commission