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Associates of Science in Individualized Studies

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Alexandria Technical and Community College currently offers an Associate in Science degree in Individualized Studies.  This degree is ideal for students who wish to transfer to a four year college for a bachelor’s degree.  Students can develop a specific education plan in order to improve and nurture their skills and knowledge.  They can focus on specialized subjects that focus on their intended career that aren’t otherwise offered in a degree program, or they can simply choose a course plan that focuses on a current area of study, interest, or expertise.  Students work with faculty and staff to build their program of study in a way that fits their own individualized educational needs.

This program requires 60 credit hours for completion, half of which will be earned in general education courses and the other half in technical courses.  Students must select at least six general education courses from the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, which include subjects in science, communications, and the humanities.  Students can explore their particular field of interest as well as checking off general classes requirements needed for many bachelor’s degrees.

There are several benefits of pursuing an online associate's degree.  Besides exploring the academic setting, students save money by avoiding starting directly at their chosen university, and the transfer from high school to college is made easier through the online setting.  The general education courses are universally transferable within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities systems (other institutions accept them as well, though, at varying degrees).  If a student wishes to transfer to another school after completing the degree, he or she should consult with a faculty advisor on which courses will be transferable in the chosen institution in order to avoid taking unnecessary courses.


Official transcripts from high school and all colleges attended.

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