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Accredited Online Religion Degrees

Online religion degree focuses on the texts of various faithsIf you want to have a career of helping people through faith, then an online degree in religion may be the right choice for you! Religion might seem like a narrow academic focus, but this education can be applied to many different industries. You could certainly work in the religious community, but the critical thinking and analysis skills also lend themselves to careers in many other areas. An online religion degree is perfect for those that want to learn about their faith and possibly use it for a career at the same time. And a religion degree isn’t just for those that want to study the Bible. Religion degree majors study all manner of religious texts and practices including Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, etc.  After completing an education in religion, you’ll have a diverse education that helps you understand different traditions and customs. Religion is an important part of humanity and history, so you’ll have a better understanding of the world that we call home, as well as our neighbors both near and far. 


Religion majors work in many career areas. For example, you could work in education, using your knowledge of history and religion to create well-informed students. Law is another area that could use people who have studies religion, as the communication and research skills can be used as the foundation for a career as a lawyer or paralegal. If you think creatively, you’ll see that there are many opportunities for people with an online religion degree. Let’s look closer at a few… 

  • Religion Professor—Religion professors are highly educated in religious theology, history, customs, and practices. They generally study and teach all types of religion, but they may be specialized in one area, such as Christianity or Hinduism. Duties will include planning and teaching courses, grading papers, giving lectures, and staying informed on the changes happening in religious communities. Generally postsecondary teachers need at least a master’s degree, although to work as a professor you will likely need a doctorate. The median pay for all postsecondary teachers is $76,000, although you can reasonable expect that many doctorate-holding professors will make more than this amount.
  • Social Worker—Social workers assist people with their everyday problems, which can include illness, mental health disorders, divorce, or unemployment, among many other issues that people face everyday. Essentially, they help people cope with life’s challenges through assessment of needs, referral for support, and responses to certain types of crisis. The median pay for this career is $48,980 a year, although the top 10% can expect annual salaries over $79,000. With a career growth of 16%, this position is expected to add over 109,000 jobs between 2016 and 2026, so there should be plenty of opportunities for a qualified candidate.


Think you might enjoy a career in religion? Then perhaps you might be the right type of person for an online religion degree. This education calls for someone who appreciates religion as a way to help people improve their lives, and while you may not have to be devoutly faithful, at minimum you need an appreciation for religion at all levels.
You also need to have an attitude of caring and support. If you are the type of person who is always considering the needs of others, and wants to help each person you come across, you might be a good fit for this career. A caring attitude is essential if you are going to have a successful, rewarding career in religion.
You should also have an attitude of leadership. Leading people is one of the many duties for people who work in religion, and you should have a desire to organize, instruct, and lead people to making the right decisions. You should not only be willing to provide guidance, you should be willing to lead by example in whatever organization you join.


If you feel that a religion degree is the right step for your future, you should take your time and make the right choice. There are many options, but you should make sure to have a degree that is properly fit for your needs.
No matter what type of education you seek, always check to see if the online degree is offered completely online or if there are in-person requirements. If you have to attend classes or events, this could seriously disrupt your learning, especially if you have children, a full-time career, or both.
Check the coursework to verify that it meets your need and will give you the education you desire, and check if there are any prerequisite requirements for the degree.
Finally, check the program for accreditation. This is a system of verifying the educational quality of a school and program, so you need to make sure that the program has the proper accreditations.


You deserve an excellent educational experience. Click on any program below to view more information on tuition, accreditation, and admission information. Compare costs carefully. Many programs cost below the national average of between $30,000 and $50,000.

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