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Accredited Online Biblical Studies Degrees

?Online biblical studies degree?An online Bible degree combines the study of the Christian Bible with teaching theory and practice. Typical programs include an in-depth look at both the Old and New Testament, as well as historical research and analysis. Those most likely to choose this major include professionals who want to work in a church as a pastor, administrator or counselor. However, Christian school administrators, choir directors, missionaries, private school teachers and church volunteers may also opt for a Bible degree online. Others may earn a bachelor’s in this field before pursuing a related master’s program, such as theology or divinity. For those who want to learn more about their faith and possibly use it for a career, earning a Bible degree could be a way to do both. Giving you an education that can apply to numerous careers, an online biblical studies program may be the perfect choice for your future.


If you have a degree in biblical studies, there are many ways apply your education in the job market. Of course, with the appropriate training and further education, you could become a pastor or minister, as a biblical studies degree gives you the perfect background for this career.

But it also prepares you for other jobs inside the church. These include youth ministers, teaching pastors, and outreach supporters. You could even work as a “church planter,” which is someone who helps build and develop new churches.

A degree in biblical studies gives you the chance to enjoy a fantastic career that is fulfilling, uplifting, and rewarding. There is a chance for financial rewards, but for the most part people enter this career field because they feel a deep personal calling towards the work.

After completing an online biblical studies program, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to work in a variety of different areas and do work that improves people’s lives. From spiritually-uplifting messages to encouraging Christian-based charity efforts, these programs will help you gain a truly rewarding career. Church director and pastor are popular career paths.

Church Director of Activities—These professionals direct the day-to-day activities of churches and congregations. This can include activities like bible studies, community dinners, and youth outreach programs, and will likely include lots of communication with the congregation and the community. The median salary for church director is $40,801 and requires a bachelor’s degree level education.

Pastor—Leaders of churches all across the country, pastors not only need to be great communicators, they also need a strong understanding of the bible, which makes an online degree in biblical studies a great start. Pastors can expect to make a median salary of $48,990 and requires a bachelor’s degree in bible studies.

Some online programs offer both a bachelor of arts and science degree in Bible studies. The BA degree has a stronger foundation in humanities and liberal arts, with the BS degree having more focus on math, science and research. Selection of a BA or BS in Bible will depend on personal career goals and interests.

Clergy who earn a bachelor’s in Bible usually go on to earn an advanced degree. Related master’s degrees include divinity and seminary, which are both available online. While a career stemming from a Bible degree program may not pay high wages, its’ rewards can be life-changing and spiritually elevating.


Biblical studies, just like any other field of study, is not for everyone. But is seems reasonable to say that this discipline requires a level of personal commitment and dedication higher than many other areas. First, to excel in biblical studies, both while attending classes and while working in a career, you need a strong faith in Christian principles and the value of the Bible. It’s hard to see someone really enjoying the career and thriving professionally without this trait. You should also have a strong desire to teach, especially a desire to teach the values of love, caring, and compassion found in the Bible. The ability to communicate is essential as well. (Teaching is, after all, difficult is you can’t communicate well.) You not only need to teach the details of the Bible, you should demonstrate how the values and lessons can be applied to life in the 21st century.


A Bible degree is different than a religion degree. Religion students usually study many different faiths–Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, etc.—but a Bible major learns primarily about Christianity and its main religious text (the Bible). For those whose career ambitions are to work in a Christian church, an online Bible degree should prepare them more appropriately than a religion degree.

Typical courses for an online Bible degree program include the humanities, such as history, literature and philosophy. Students will also take classes on specific books of the Bible, with some programs offering Greek or Hebrew for advanced text study. A majority of schools should offer practical ministry classes as well, because many graduates serve as clergy. If you plan on enrolling in an online biblical studies program, you should research many aspects, including…

100% Online or In-Person Requirements: All of the programs in our database are at least 80% online, and many can be completed entirely (100%) online. Check the programs description to see if any in-person or on-campus attendance is required.

Coursework: Biblical studies programs come in many varieties, sometimes focusing on organizing, theology, or even scholarly biblical research. The program should have courses that fit your goals.

Service Requirements: While you may be able to complete the coursework entirely online, many programs have service or outreach requirements. Be sure these do not conflict with your schedule.

Accreditations: Accreditation is an important part of verifying a school’s overall quality and consistency. Biblical programs will have national or regional accreditations, but will likely have religion-specific accreditation, which can include programs like the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).

If you fully understand these factors when searching for an online biblical studies degree, you’ll be far more likely to find a career that fits your specific needs and budget.


You deserve a career that gives you fulfillment and a deep sense of accomplishment. If you feel that biblical studies may be the right path for you, use our resources and information to find the right online program. From rankings to degree information, we have the tools you need to make the right choice for your future! Click on a program below to access information on tuition, admission requirements, and accreditation.

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