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Online Logistics Degree Programs Teach Supply & DemandIf large-scale organization comes naturally to you, consider an online logistics degree. Operations and logistics professionals are the masterminds behind the scenes of businesses that create smooth operations and consistent delivery of services. Logistics is a part of supply chain management, which is the entire process of a product's manufacturing and distribution. Logistics focuses solely on how raw materials or finished products are transported or distributed from one location to another.

Online operations and logistics degrees train students to find efficient and practical ways to purchase, track, store and transport goods. Logistics graduates analyze current processes and develop better methods for delivery. Many different industries hire logistics experts and increasing marketplace globalization will only create more opportunities.


Logistics and operational professionals are often considered top executives, who specialize in coordinating the many different daily operations and logistical activities that go into the lifecycle of a product or service. The goal of the best logistical and operational professionals is to create solutions that allow their organization to maximize their operational and supply-chain efficiency. They often work with the details that bring together the work of the many other departments in an organization.

The BLS separates the role of operations and logistics professionals into slightly different categories, with a focus on two different types of processes:

  • Logistics - Logistics professionals are primarily concerned with the system that moves products from supplier to consumer, commonly known as the “supply-chain” of an organization. The supply-chain often includes variables such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, forecasting, and allocation. With a growing focus on environmental consciousness, these professionals are also often responsible for integrating sustainable processes for their organizations within their job duties. Depending on the size and scope of an organization, logistics professionals may play varying roles that all require a similar set of skills and knowledge.
    • Logistics Managers typically provide oversight for logistical operations and perform tasks that may include:
      • Negotiating with customers or suppliers to improve supply-chain efficiency and sustainability
      • Implementing transportation changes to reduce environment impact
      • Developing risk management programs to ensure continuity of supply in emergency scenarios
    • Logistics Analysts are most commonly responsible for analyzing product delivery and supply-chain processes to identify and recommend improvements. The professional duties of analysts involve:
      • Tracking the flow of products from origin to delivery
      • Consulting logistics managers to determine options to optimize service levels, efficiency, and minimize costs
      • Developing and maintaining logistic tools for establishing organizational guidelines such as cost estimating or demand forecasting
    • Logistics Engineers typically are the creative minds behind projects related to transportation optimization, network modeling, process and methods analysis, cost containment, capacity enhancement, routing and shipment optimization, an information management. They create solutions by applying their skills to:
      • Design comprehensive supply-chains that minimize environment impacts and cost
      • Provide logistics technology and information for effective and efficient support of products, equipment, system manufacturing, and services
      • Determine logistics support requirements including facility demands, staffing needs, safety and maintenance
  • Operations - Rather than focusing on the processes that bring products and services to consumers, operations professionals are concerned with the processes that make the manufacturing of products and services possible. Operations professionals may be the more traditional image that comes to mind when describing top executives. They tend to be responsible for the activities that occur closer to the beginning of a product’s life cycle, such as the production, marketing, and sales.
    • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) and Chief Operating Officers (COOs) are two of the more familiar types of operations professionals. Examples of types of tasks that operations professionals may perform include:
      • Establishing and implementing organizational goals, policies, and procedures;
      • Coordinating with department managers to set prices, credit terms, sales promotions, and policies;
      • Directing sales, marketing, and customer service activities;
      • Managing ongoing environmental sustainability projects.

Careers in operations and logistics are highly competitive and typically require professionals to earn a network and many years of professional experience in order to qualify for top-level and management positions. Logistics careers specifically are expected to grow at a much slower rate than the national average, with the demand for qualified operations professionals expected to grow only slightly faster than that. 

Manufacturers, the U.S. military, wholesalers and consulting agencies all hire logistics graduates. Job opportunities exist in customer service, inventory control, warehousing, purchasing and transportation. Entry-level positions tend to narrowly focus on one of these options, but management gigs could include all aspects.

Online logistics degree program graduates can expect a highly rewarding career. Logistics professionals make an average income of more than $70,000 each year, and many operations managers make upwards of $100,000 annually!


Operations and logistics professionals are the reasons that all the shelves stay stocked at the local grocery store, and they put together a plan that lets your Amazon order arrive on your doorstep in 2-5 days. From the hiring of employees who make our favorite products, to the trucks and planes that bring those products to us, operations and logistics professionals put the puzzle pieces together to create a thriving economic network for businesses and organizations.

Professionals who are ready to dive into the science and statistics that drive sustainable businesses are going to do very well in the field of operations and logistics. These types of careers often demand professionals to have an understanding of the details of daily operations that are commonly overlooked in other management positions. As logistics requires critical thinking and problem-solving, engineers often enjoy this degree major. Additionally, those who can see the big picture and enjoy organizing tend to do well in this transportation major. 
Logistics professionals tend to rely heavily on their understanding of engineering, technology, transportation, and software, while operations positions require a focus on customer and personal service and personnel. Professionals can choose an appropriate career in this field that suits their particular strengths and goals.


Logistics degrees online are offered at numerous degree levels, but are most commonly found as bachelor's programs as positions in operations and logistics management consistently require a bachelor’s degree or more from competitive applicants. Programs will cover economics, finance and accounting, as well as statistics, so number-crunchers will flourish in this field. Expect courses like Sustaining Operations, Logistics Management, Application of Statistics in Business, and Marketing Principles.

Certificates and master's degrees are geared for working professionals who wish to increase their logistics training. For additional credibility, consider certification through the American Society of Transportation and Logistics (ASTL), the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), or the International Society of Logistics (SOLE). Applicants must pass a test, earn specific education course credits and have worked in the field of logistics or operations for a period of time.


It’s important for developing professionals to look into all of their options for getting the best professional education, since the average cost of any online bachelor's in business is just under $50,000. An online master's in business generally costs between $20,000 and $30,000.

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List of Accredited Online Degrees

Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management / Logistics & Transportation

Enhance your Bachelor of Science in Operations Management with a concentration in Logistics and Transportation at Southern New Hampshire University. This program is perfect for business-savvy professionals and military service members interested in e...

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Colorado Technical University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Logistics & Supply Chain Management

From procurement to production to distribution and beyond, CTU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Logistics & Supply Chain Management (BSBA-L/SCM) offers students the foundational knowledge and practical skills that are ...

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American Intercontinental University - Online

Bachelor of Business Administration / Operations Management

Operations management in organizations involves the design and management of products, processes and services to create the highest level of efficiency within an organization. The success of a business requires serious examination of an ...

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Colorado Christian University

Bachelor of Science in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

In the Bachelor of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree program at CCU, you will learn how to recognize, describe, evaluate, and implement the basic theories, concepts, principles, and practices in the field. You will also learn th...

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Purdue University Global

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Supply Chain Management and Logistics

This concentration is designed to expose you to the key processes of supply chain management and logistics including the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing and procurement, conversion, and logistics management as well as t...

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Saint Leo University

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration / Logistics

Saint Leo University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a specialization in Logistics. What is logistics? It's the management of how materials and finished goods are delivered to where they are needed, in a timely, ...

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Grantham University

Bachelor of Business Administration / Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program provides students the framework in which they are able to develop the critical skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to be successful in...

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Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Operations managers are responsible for developing, improving and managing the processes used to produce and transport products, services and even people. They’re often tasked with reducing costs, maximizing profits and increasing customer ...

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Southern New Hampshire University

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management / Project Management

Earn your project management degree online at Southern New Hampshire University and gain the knowledge and skills you need to manage and execute projects on time, on budget and within scope. This project management concentration builds on the BS in O...

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American Public University System

Bachelor of Arts in Reverse Logistics Management

In today’s competitive business climate, organizations are always under pressure to adapt to new procedural and technological trends to improve the visibility of product and cargo flows through an ever-widening and complex supply chain. The ...

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Fort Hays State University

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management / Operations Management

The online management degree program at FHSU equips graduates with knowledge, analytical skills, and leadership necessary to excel in today's ever-changing and competitive business environment.  The Operations Management concentration is ...

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Southwestern College - Kansas

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Southwestern College - Kansas offers an online Bachelor of Science in Operations Management degree. Students learn effective leadership and management skills for domestic and global enterprises. The curriculum allows students to develop competencies ...

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Ohio University

Bachelor of Science in Technical Operations Management

The online Technical Operations Management degree is ideal for professional who want to further their leadership and managing skill sets. As a student enrolled in this program, you will focus on how to control and manage technical processes while con...

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Excelsior College

Bachelor of Science in Business / Operations Management

Excelsior College offers the online BS in Business with a concentration in Operations Management. With this concentration, students will be able to describe inventory control, integrate quantitative methods to solve business and management problems a...

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Florida State College at Jacksonville

Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics

The online Bachelor of Applied Science in Logistics prepares students with the education and experience necessary for management logistics jobs including operation managers, transportation managers, warehouse managers, distribution managers, logistic...

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Franklin University

Bachelor of Science in Operations & Supply Chain Management

Franklin University offers the online BS in Operations & Supply Chain Management. With this degree, you will learn what it takes behind the scenes to streamline every step from raw material to consumption so you can make a real difference to the...

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Granite State College

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

The online Bachelor of Science in Operations Management emphasizes project management, supply chain management, quantitative methods, and quality control as the program helps students become effective managers who can make strategic contributions to ...

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Metropolitan State University

Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain & Operations Management

The online Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain and Operations Management, while being focused on Supply Chain and Operations Management careers, prepares students for a wide range of careers in business, government, and nonprofit ...

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National American University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration / Supply Chain Management

The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration provides students with an understanding of the key functional areas of business, emphasizing communications, teamwork, ethics, and the skills for managing in diverse and globally engaged organ...

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Oakland City University

Bachelor of Applied Science in Operations Management

The online Bachelor of Applied Science in Operations Management provides faith-based instruction which allows graduates to perform with unshakable morals, ensuring that the businesses benefitting from their services are operating to the highest stand...

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Ohio Christian University

Bachelor of Arts in Business / Logistics Management

Ohio Christian University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Logistics Management. The program is designed to further education and train students in manufacturing logistics, inventory, and many different areas of managemen...

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Oregon Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Operations Management

Oregon Institute of Technology offers an online Bachelor of Science in Operations Management degree. Students take classes to prepare for careers in fields such as production planning, inventory control, industrial engineering, production supervision...

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Baker College

Bachelor of Business Administration / Supply Chain Management

Baker College offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management degree for students looking to specialize in this area of business operations for career advancement. Students study principles and theories to have a well-...

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California University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Management

The online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Management program provides the technical and technological competence to excel in an industrial management career in business, industry, or government.  The curriculum provides skills and...

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University of Minnesota-Crookston

Bachelor of Manufacturing Management / Quality Management

Individuals in the quality management industry are tasked with assuring customers that products are free of defects and will function in expected ways, an increasingly important priority for people, industry, and government. The online Bachelor of Ma...

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