List of Accredited Online Degrees

Online MBA International Business Graduates Work Globally
The world gets smaller every day, and leaders run businesses across oceans. The lines between domestic and global companies are increasingly blurred–and the time is ripe to become a global citizen via your career.

As consumers worldwide mean new business opportunities in the 21st Century, an online MBA international business program prepares students for the cultural and logistical challenges of innovating globally. That includes negotiating international trade agreements, organizing exports and imports, and managing the global supply chain.

Love learning new languages, traveling, and solving problems on a global scale? An MBA in international business major may be just the passport to a field that literally takes you around the world.


In this interconnected world, just about every type of enterprise needs international business leaders.
Graduates of international business MBA programs can expect to work in banks and financial institutions, hotels and hospitality, marketing firms, or telecommunications companies that have a global presence.

Online MBA international business graduates hold a variety of roles, such as:
  • Management Analysts are efficiency experts, making organizations more competitive. They create strategies for developing new systems, analyzing data, and cutting waste. Median salary in 2015 was $81,320, and the field is paced to grow 14% through 2014.
  • Purchasing Managers find and buy needed items for wholesalers, retailers, or organizations. From interviewing vendors, to visiting manufacturing plants (sometimes overseas), to negotiating supplier contracts, many work in the international business scope. Median salary in 2015 was $108,120.


While numbers–GMAT scores and years of work experience–vary among schools, mindset also counts. While they do not need to be multilingual, international business MBA candidates usually have a penchant for problem-solving, understanding other cultures, and using data to make decisions on a global scale.


Admission Requirements

Many schools offering MBA in international business majors require GMAT scores, an application essay, and undergraduate transcripts. GPA minimums vary, and some schools even use an index formula such as [(GPA x 200) + GMAT], or 1,050 for the last 60 hours of undergraduate work.

Have you worked in settings relevant to international business before? Many schools also factor in years of hands-on professional experience.


Designed to build leadership, cultural empathy, and teamwork skills along with analytical thinking, here are some examples of online MBA international business coursework:

  • Global Marketing
  • Cross Cultural Business Communication
  • International Business Law
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Accounting for Multinational Companies
  • Emerging Markets


Top online and brick and mortar business schools hold Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) accreditation. Regional and national accreditation are also valid forms of accreditation. 

Here at GetEducated we’ve done the work for you and any program you find in our database has been verified for proper accreditation.


Investing in an online MBA in international business means increasing your lifetime earning potential and laying the foundation for a brighter future. Our cost rankings reveal that the average cost of an online MBA is $25,869. When comparing international business programs look closely at:

  • Cost per credit hour (in-state, out of state)
  • Estimated degree cost
  • Credit hours to complete

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List of Accredited Online Degrees

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