Students of higher education institutions and trade schools can fulfill personal aspirations and serve their community with an education in Security. An officer in the security business is not a police officer. The security officer or security guard is a privately hired person with the responsibilities of protecting property, assets and or people. Security guards are usually armed while performing duties of protecting property and people. Primary duties include: maintaining a highly visible presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions, patrolling and reporting any incidents to their client and emergency services as appropriate.

Due to elevated threats of terrorism, availability of weapons and knowledgeable criminals, security officers may be required to have bomb-threat training and/or emergency crisis training. The severity of events targeted at areas like shopping malls, schools, and any other area where the general public congregate are unfortunately increasing. Also, the presence of security guards in highly populated centers such as shopping malls, casinos and school campuses tends to deter employee theft, employee misconduct and safety rule violations and property damage. In addition to patrolling areas, the guards may also perform basic tasks such as occupy guard gates, allowing entrance only to authorized individuals. Gated communities, office complexes, private events ensure that visitors display proper identification before entering the premises.

Security guards are required in most states to complete training, earn experience and pass background checks before pursuing careers in the privately hired industry. The reputation of becoming a security guard has undergone a drastic make-over, and is now viewed as a prestigious opportunity for many individuals. The training and education that accompanies the modern security guard will enhance the graduate in many professional levels, and may be the foundation for further career and educational goals.


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