An alternative education can be obtained from students attending a vocational High School. A vocational High School is designed for individuals aspiring to technical and trade careers, that can attend a traditional High School. The hands-on experiences gained from attending a trade school in addition to a general education, will enhance the practical skills of mechanics, construction workers, computer IT professionals, healthcare assistants, justice and security providers and many more occupations.

The specific purpose of the trade, vocational and career schools came into existence because of historical governmental incentives to educate the working class in basic and necessary traits that benefit the general population. Trade and tech schools focus on teaching a single specific skill, rather than the interdisciplinary education. Most career and vocational schools design a curriculum for careers that normally have current and future growth potential.

Vocational schools and career colleges vary in a few details, but provide students similar types of degrees and certificates. Vocational schools are government-owned or supported learning institutions, that normally grant degrees or certificates with two full years of study, and earned credits are largely accepted by other higher education establishments. Career colleges are usually not funded by the government and generally grant degrees or certificates in courses in shorter periods of time. The recent accusations of career colleges ‘over-promising’ graduates expectations has tightened standards and increased regulations.

The use of vocational and career colleges has seen a transition, as some of the specific areas of study are now being offered at accredited colleges and universities recognizing the need for skilled tradesman. The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is the largest American national education association that is responsible for the standardized advancement of career and vocational education. A very notable technical school, which has produced very successful graduates, is The California Institute of Technology. Students interested in pursuing an education with a career or vocational school should research the actual career placement potentials as well as transferability of credits as well as accreditation.


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