Students of trade schools, colleges and universities can use an advanced degree or certification when pursuing career options in the child care industry. The very strict standards of what and how adults use to impact the growth and education of children is heavily regulated by state laws and limitations. Students of a degree program from a college or university cane earn a formal education in elementary education, learning disabilities, learning exceptionalities and counseling. Students of trade school programs are certified in the basics of health, nutrition, safety, elementary schooling and learning abilities.

For child care professionals, operating a daycare or after school facility is easier than the actual process of obtaining all the licensures, certificates, examinations and state inspections required before the acquisition and operation of such facility can come into reality. The sincere passion for children, combined with the foundations from a degree or certificate program will give graduates the opportunity to establish in home and out of home child care facilities. Daycare establishments can be divided into four groups: family child care (in home with less than 7 children un-related to provider), group child care (in home with 7-12 children), a child care center (over 12 children) and child care services offered by a religious group.

Students learning the basics in childcare and child development will be required to pass several examinations. The state must complete the formal tests to ensure that the care provider (the graduate) is competent in life saving techniques, sanitary home inspections, criminal and psychological back ground checks, financial stability and similar inspections of other employees and care providers in the same facility or home.

Graduates of child care programs will pursue careers as child care providers at already established centers, in private organizations or use the education as the foundation to become an entrepreneur in creating a separate and new child care center.


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