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List of Accredited Online Courses

Business & Management, Entrepreneurship: Start Your Own Green Business

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long Are you interested in starting your own environmentally-friendly business?  From creating a sustaina... read more

Green Energy: Alternative Energy Specialist

225 Hours/Mentor Supported Become an Alternative Energy Specialist and learn ways to help conserve, reduce, reuse, recycle, and thus minimi... read more

Green Energy: Green Interior Design Specialist

180 Hours/Mentor Supported This Green Interior Design Specialist course covers everything from theory to current practices. It presents the... read more

Green Energy: Renewable Energy Specialist

180 Hours/Mentor Supported This Renewable Energy Specialist course addresses the main characteristics of the emerging generation of technol... read more

Green Energy: Sustainability Professional

225 Hours/Mentor Supported Energy availability is a real concern for everyone. Without energy or with access to much less energy than we cu... read more

Personal Development: Going Green

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long Our Going Green course will teach students simple, budget-friendly ways to help them and their famil... read more