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List of Accredited Online Courses

Counseling & Coaching: Abnormal Psychology

135 Hours/Mentor Supported Abnormal Psychology is a complex and highly interesting field of study. It is also one of the most recognizable ... read more

Mental Health & Psychology: Placebo Effects and The Patient's Brain

1.25 Hours/Self-Study PODCAST (Brain Science): According to the research of Dr. Fabrizio Benedetti, there is not just one “placebo effect,”... read more

Mental Health & Psychology: Positive Psychology Coaching

1 Hours/Self-Study PODCAST (Shrink Rap Radio): Dr. John Schinnerer, PhD, uses positive psychology in his private practice to help individua... read more

Teaching & Education: A Parent's Guide to Adolescents

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long Why do they act that way? That is the question all parents of teenagers have asked themselves at one... read more