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List of Accredited Online Courses

Business & Management: Become a Multiplying Manager

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long There are leaders who inspire and motivate employees to reach beyond their wildest expectations. Mul... read more

Business & Management: Becoming a First Time Manager

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long First time managers have their work cut out for them, many new skills to learn, having to deal with ... read more

Business Management: Business Management

135 Hours/Mentor Supported Management issues are fundamental to any organization: How do we plan to get things done, organize the company t... read more

Business: Time & Action Management

0.75 Hours/Self-Study PODCAST: In a world where we are expected to do more with less time, Time and Action Management is one of those areas... read more

Education & Children: Child Day Care Management

225 Hours/Mentor Supported Do you love being around children? Have you ever thought about becoming a child care worker or wondered if you c... read more

Hospitality & Travel: Dining Room & Banquet Management

180 Hours/Mentor Supported This Dining Room & Banquet Management course is ideal for a student that wants to move into hospitality manageme... read more

Hospitality & Travel: Event Planning & Management

270 Hours/Mentor Supported Event planners need professional caliber information that explains everything from how to decorate, to the use o... read more

Hospitality & Travel: Event Planning Professional Program

Hours/Mentor Supported An event planner is, most simply, someone who organizes an event. Any time people meet for a purpose, whether it is ... read more

Human Resources: Interviewing & Hiring

1.25 Hours/Self-Study Recruiting, assessing, and hiring new employees are some of the more important functions a manager does. A poor hirin... read more

Human Resources: Performance Evaluations

1 Hours/Self-Study For companies to be successful, they must routinely review the efforts each employee makes towards meeting company objec... read more

Human Resources: Training Your Employees

1.25 Hours/Self-Study Organizations that train and develop employees are investing in their human capital.  This investment will deliver re... read more

Management & Leadership: Creating Innovation

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Companies that innovate create new competencies that in turn lead to a sustained competitive advantage or a competitiv... read more

Management & Leadership: Ethical Management

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Managers in today’s organizations are expected to do the right thing. Ethics is the set of moral principles or values ... read more

Management & Leadership: Expectancy Theory and Motivation

0.25 Hours/Self-Study One way to understand what motivates people is by learning how individuals choose to give a certain level of effort. ... read more

Management & Leadership: Fundamentals of Decision Making

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Decision Making is a process of choosing solutions from available alternatives, and managers are required to make both... read more

Management & Leadership: Implementing Change

0.5 Hours/Self-Study In order for organization’s to maintain a competitive advantage, they must be willing to change with the times, becaus... read more

Management & Leadership: Leadership vs. Management

0.5 Hours/Self-Study PODCAST: What IS the difference between Leadership and Management? This course discusses how leaders and managers fit ... read more

Management & Leadership: Making a Hiring Decision

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Selection is the process of gathering information about job applicants to decide which one should be offered the job. ... read more

Management & Leadership: Making Ethical Decisions

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Every ethical dilemma is unique, requiring managers to make sound decisions in order to “do the right thing”. This cou... read more

Management & Leadership: Manager's Guide to Performance Appraisals

1.5 Hours/Self-Study Managers, administrators, and supervisors in healthcare facilities have many tasks to juggle every day. Besides runnin... read more

Management & Leadership: Managing Diversity

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Managing diversity is one of the hardest challenges any manager can face. The purpose of a diversity program is to cre... read more

Management & Leadership: Motivating Employees with Equity

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Equity theory states that employees are more motivated to work when they feel that they are being treated fairly. Ther... read more

Management & Leadership: Reinforcement Theory and Motivation

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Reinforcement theory states that a worker’s behavior is based on the consequences for their behavior, with behaviors r... read more

Management & Leadership: The Origins and Evolution of Management

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Many seeds of today’s management practices are found throughout history. This course discusses some of the major theor... read more

Management & Leadership: Types of Innovation

0.5 Hours/Self-Study There are several ways for companies to innovate, and each type of innovation is dependent on the environment where th... read more

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