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Business & Management, Law & Legal: Worker's Compensation: A Field Guide for Employers

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long Workers' Compensation: A Field Guide for Employers covers all the topics a student needs to know to ... read more

Business & Management, Personal Development: Dealing with Difficult People

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long There are difficult people in all our lives. These people spend their time not doing what we want th... read more

Business & Management, Personal Development: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long Emotional intelligence provides a road map for us to know whether we are on the right track in our p... read more

Business & Management: Human Resource Essentials

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long Whether you are a newly promoted manager, a business owner or a human resources professional, knowin... read more

Business & Management: Women’s Power at Work

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long The world of work is different for women and men. They not only see things around them differently, ... read more

Business Management: Human Resources Management

135 Hours/Mentor Supported Learn about the exciting world of today's Human Resource Management throughout this online course. This HR manag... read more

Business, Management & Leadership: Ethical Decision Making

1 Hours/Self-Study People working in business and industry make many decisions every day, most of them are routine ones made in the moment ... read more

Business, Workforce Compliance: Corporate Compliance & Ethics

1 Hours/Self-Study This course presents information on corporate compliance and ethics in the United States.  Regulatory Compliance and ove... read more

Customer Service: Value of Teamwork

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Customer service providers don’t work in a vacuum; they work on teams. Teamwork is work done by several people, each d... read more

Exam Preparation: Human Resources Exam Prep (PHR/SPHR)

135 Hours/Self-Study Our Human Resources Exam Prep course is designed to provide human resource professionals with a fun and engaging oppor... read more

Human Resources: HR01 Human Resource Management: An Introduction

2 Hours/Self-Study From grocery stores and banks to sports teams and summer camps, all organizations have goals that people are required to... read more

Human Resources: HR02 HR and Strategic Planning

1.5 Hours/Self-Study Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) is the process of planning for the human side of an organization's operation... read more

Human Resources: HR03 HR: Job Analysis and Design

1.75 Hours/Self-Study Job analysis and job design are critical for the success of subsequent HRM stages. In job design, HR managers identif... read more

Human Resources: HR04 HR and Recruitment

1.75 Hours/Self-Study The attraction and recruitment of employees has been at the center of employers' attention for many years. People are... read more

Human Resources: HR05 HR and Job Fit

2 Hours/Self-Study Selecting the right employees is one of the most crucial HR processes, but it is also one of the most challenging decisi... read more

Human Resources: HR06 HR and Performance

1.75 Hours/Self-Study While it is inconceivable that an organization would not want to see high performance from its employees, it is very ... read more

Human Resources: HR08 HR: Compensation, and Incentives

1.75 Hours/Self-Study Pay and benefits are critical factors in the attraction, motivation, and retention of talent. The key to a successful... read more

Human Resources: HR09 HR and Benefits

1.5 Hours/Self-Study Benefits are compensation that is not a wage or salary. They go beyond either form of compensation and include things ... read more

Human Resources: HR10 Human Resource Management: The Future

1.5 Hours/Self-Study The field of Human Resource Management (HRM) is characterized by continuous change and development. This course will p... read more

Human Resources: Human Resource Planning

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Human resource management is the set of tasks managers undertake to effectively manage a company’s employees.  Strateg... read more

Management & Leadership: Cultural Differences

0.5 Hours/Self-Study The business world is globalized, with many companies working across international boundaries; managers need to unders... read more

Management & Leadership: Diversity and Individual Differences

0.5 Hours/Self-Study In order to have a diverse workplace, managers need to first understand how people differ. Surface-level diversity is ... read more

Management & Leadership: Employee Compensation

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Compensation is the financial and non-financial rewards that a company gives their employees in exchange for their wor... read more

Management & Leadership: Employee Terminations

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Employee separation describes when an employee leaves their employer for any reason. These separations might be volunt... read more

Management & Leadership: Employment Law

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Managers are expected to adhere to much different federal, state,county, and local laws that pertain to how companies ... read more

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