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Business & Management: Customer Service Survival Skills

24 Hours/Instructor Led - 4 Weeks Long In our Customer Service Survival Skills course, students will learn how to get to the heart of custo... read more

Business Management: Customer Service

135 Hours/Mentor Supported Being able to understand a customer’s needs and being able to fulfill those needs effectively is a strategic adv... read more

Business: Customer Service in Behavioral Health

1 Hours/Self-Study Excellent customer service is one of the most important things in providing quality health care and can make a significa... read more

Customer Service: Building Rapport in Customer Relationships

0.5 Hours/Self-Study To better serve customers, service workers need to build a relationship with each one. Customers have needs beyond com... read more

Customer Service: Challenges to Providing Customer Service

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Customer service providers face both organizational and personal roadblocks that can prevent them from delivering exce... read more

Customer Service: Communicating Face-to-Face

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Much customer service is done when service workers are helping customers face-to-face. For customer service workers to... read more

Customer Service: Communication Essentials

0.5 Hours/Self-Study For companies and individuals to be effective at exceptional customer service, they must master the art and science of... read more

Customer Service: Competitive Advantage of Exceptional Customer Service

0.5 Hours/Self-Study All companies have competition. Depending on the industry, a company’s competitors may count in the tens, hundreds, or... read more

Customer Service: Consultative Services

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Taking a consultative approach to customer service can build a loyal, profitable customer base.  This course discusses... read more

Customer Service: Customer Advocacy

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Advocates have a huge influence over other current and potential customers as they are seen as “one of them”. Companie... read more

Customer Service: Customer Loyalty

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Many companies reward their best customers with special deals.  This course discusses the value of customer loyalty pr... read more

Customer Service: Customer Relationship Management

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Customer Relationship Management uses technology to keep track of customer data, which can then be analyzed and used b... read more

Customer Service: Customer Service in Long Term Care Facilities

1.5 Hours/Self-Study Customers are the lifeblood of virtually every business in every industry. Organizations and individuals who strive to... read more

Customer Service: Customer Service Professionalism

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Customer service professionals play a vital role in any organization that wants to be profitable. Professional service... read more

Customer Service: Customer Service Strategies

0.5 Hours/Self-Study In order to be successful, companies and individuals must first decide where they want to go, and then they make plans... read more

Customer Service: Customer-Focused Listening

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Listening is more than simply hearing the words said by someone else. Listening occurs when the listener takes the tim... read more

Customer Service: Developing a Partnership

0.5 Hours/Self-Study When customer service providers give customers value that goes beyond the product or service offered, they create part... read more

Customer Service: Extreme Customers

0.5 Hours/Self-Study All customer service workers will have to deal with angry and upset customers at times.  This course discusses ways to... read more

Customer Service: Happy Employees Give Better Service

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Well trained, empowered, satisfied employees are much more likely to deliver exceptional customer service. An old adag... read more

Customer Service: Having a Customer Focus

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Customer service is not about making a sale at all costs; it’s about ensuring the customer receives what they need. Cu... read more

Customer Service: Identifying Customers

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Most every business today sells something, whether it is a commodity, product, or a service. These companies need some... read more

Customer Service: Making Upset Customers Happy

0.5 Hours/Self-Study No matter how hard a customer service worker tries, some customers will not be satisfied. It only takes one unsatisfie... read more

Customer Service: Managing Customer Service

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Exceptional customer service doesn’t just happen; it requires careful planning. Management in a customer service organ... read more

Customer Service: Managing the ROI of Service

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Customer service is a business investment that impacts a company’s bottom line.  This course discusses how customer se... read more

Customer Service: Measuring Customer Satisfaction

0.5 Hours/Self-Study Each company has its own unique business objectives, but they all share a common need to measure customer satisfaction... read more

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