Degree Mill

Is this college or university a degree mill? A fake? A fraud. Ask about specific colleges and universities. Reviews and opinions.

Online Teaching Jobs

Discussions about how to find online teaching jobs & current openings, how to teach online, and manage online courses

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Get Educated is a consumer's guide to online education. We publish objective reviews and online college rankings according to the two dimensions that matter most to online students: affordability and credibility. Our directory of accredited online degrees

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Online College Accreditation

Discuss types of online college accreditation. Regional accreditation vs. national and special programmatic accreditation pros and cons.

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Best Online Colleges

Find the best online college for you with rankings, ratings, reviews, opinions and experiences from other students

High School Diploma Mills

Is this high school a diploma mill? A fake? A rip-off? Ask and review specific online high schools.

Teach Online

Tips, discussions and online resources for educators who want to teach online

Online Students & Alumni

Meet-up with fellow online students and alumni of online university programs, share your experiences

Online Teachers & Instructors

Are you an online teacher or instructor? Do you want to be? Discuss teaching tips, adjunct job tips and the use of educational technology in the classroom here.

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Online Schools

Discussions of pros, cons, ratings of specific online schools and meet-ups of online students, alumni, and instructors

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Online Degree Programs

Discussions and questions about which type or kind of online degree program or credential is best for you

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Diploma Mill

Discussions about reputed degree mills, diploma mills, and online education scams, fakes, and frauds

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Most recent: Northwestern Theological Seminary Scam Started 06 August 2015 by admin

Online MBA Programs

Questions and discussions about online MBAs and Online MBA Programs

Online Education

General open discussions and questions about online education, online universities, and colleges

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Online PhD & Doctorate Programs

Discussions about getting an online PhD, types of degrees and top online doctorate programs


Off-topic, discussions not related to any of the above categories. Kick back, meet your fellow forum members, start your own thread ...

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