Under $13k Online MBA No GMAT / Bachelors

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katrinarrlyn posted this 27 January 2016 - Last edited 03 November 2016

Recently I am checking out Edinburg Business School Heriott Wat University MBA, because:

1. It's cheap.
2. It has chinese text books.
3. It's very flexible.
4. It's mostly text learning and it's 100% exam. I am afraid that I can only learn a lot of theory, but can't connect it will reality.

But after reading many posts 80% don't suggest going there.
Mostly because the exam style and the accreditation which I don't really mind, but I am afraid it will affect my further study or anything that it will need a accredited degree.
So I am stuck again.

Let me share a bit of myself, and what I am looking for.
I would like very much of your sight.

I am 31 years old, from China, I have 13 years work experience on many areas: management, purchasing, accounting, project managing, and so on.

This is what I am looking for:
1. MBA master degree attainable within 3 years
-- because I also need it for my CMA certificate.

2. It's affordable, around $12000 and it must be distant learning.

3. It doesn't require bachelor degree, GMAT or so.
-- I graduated from university without credentials.

4. I can really learn something from the program to improve my profession,
so I prefer the program would be close to case studies more.

5. Of course in English

I would appreciate any feedback about MBA program suggestions.

Kayleigh posted this 03 November 2016

Hi, thanks for your question!

Here at GetEducated, we focus on accreditation and online schools in the United States. From what I researched about EBS, it looks like you may have issues if you decided to transfer schools since the credit systems are different here in the US. You would need to be sure you wanted to finish there before enrolling or you could risk losing time and money if your credits don't transfer.

Have you seen our rankings for regionally-accredited and AACSB online MBAs? AACSB is considered the gold standard of business school accreditation in the United States, and regional accreditation is another great option. Both offer full transferablility of credits but AACSB is a tad more prestigious.

There are four AACSB online MBA programs that cost less than $13,000 four out-of-state students (which is what you would quaify as):

#1 Missouri State University $9,405

#2 Louisisana State University - Shreveport $11,227.20

#3 Southeast Missouri State University $11,368.50

#4 Southeastern Oklaholma State University $11,880

There are also seven regoinally accredited online MBA programs under that sticker price:

#1 Eastern New Mexico University $8,030.70

#2 Amberton University $9,125

#3 Wayne State College $9,225

#4 Fitchburg State University $11,610

#5 Chadron State College $11,700

#6 Patten University $11,976

#7 Cameron University $12,045

First, see if these schools appear on our lists of No GMAT AACSB MBA and No GMAT Regional MBA.

Once you've found out which schools do not require or will waive the GMAT you'll need to contact each school to see if they offer Chinese textbooks and will admit you without an undergradaute degree. If you have extensive professional (life and work experience), they may be more flexible. 

Good luck!

Online Education Expert