Should I Consider an Unaccredited MBA?

  • Last Post 14 December 2012
Jenn posted this 13 December 2012 - Last edited 14 March 2016

I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on whether I should pursue MBA degree from unaccredited university. I do not have the budget to pay for high-priced MBA degree and found a program priced under $3,500 for one-year MBA program online. It is a new and legitimate school, it seems, licensed by board of education, and indicates that students spend about 30 hours per week working in their courses. Do employers ever ask to check school accreditation and reject job applicants based on that? I am not looking to tranfer credits from it and just need MBA to improve knowledge and skills and, of course, to grow in my career. Thank you for your advice.

VickyPhillips posted this 14 December 2012 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Dear Jen,


I would never advise anyone to buy an unaccredited online MBA or any other college degree from a school that has not received an accreditation review.

Cost is not any reason to skip on accreditation.

There are MANY low cost online MBA degrees that come from real, respected, fully accredited business schools.

SEE: Get Educated Rankings of Affordable online MBA Degrees

Buying a MBA from any unaccredited school is like buying a car with no engine.

Most employers and employment agreements specify that any degree credentials be earned from accredited institutions; and presenting your credentials as otherwise can constitute fraud; and in some cases fraud with felony intent. In some states it is flat out illegal to use unaccredited degrees for employment purposes.

In addition unaccredited schools cannot and do not participate in the government student loan and aid programs, which is the best low cost/low interest way to invest in getting a real MBA degree online.

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