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Meylinga posted this 23 October 2014 - Last edited 04 March 2016

Hello, I might be asking for a lot but I am looking for a university that is affordable, regionally accredited, well known, with good reviews. I've looked in several website to find valid reviews on the schools mentioned below but nothing I can't seem to find anything concrete some don't even have reviews. If you can please guide me as to the pricing and over all opinion of the universities mentioned below: Devry University of Phoenix Keiser University Capella University Kaplan University Or any other that can be found in south florida Thank You, Meyling

Kayleigh posted this 14 November 2014 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi there,

GREAT question.

Most online education review websites are stuffed full of fake reviews paid for by the schools themselves.

You won't find that here, however. GetEducated gathers the only VERIFIED student reviews of online colleges. We also gather reputation reviews left by the general public and employers.

Read reviews for each school: (Once you click on the links below, click whichever degree(s) interest you & scroll to the bottom of the page to see the reviews.)

Devry University

University of Phoenix

Keiser University

Capella University

Kaplan University

All of the schools you list carry a VERY hefty price tag and most do not have the best reviews.

In many cases, a for-profit, private school will not offer you affordable degree options.


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Don't be discouraged—there are MANY affordable regionally accredited options that carry great reviews AND are highly respected by employers.

Begin your search with the GetEducated Best Buy cost rankings.

If you need more help, post your chosen degree subject and I can help you find some great options.



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