Everest University Scam?

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mp76 posted this 10 June 2013 - Last edited 04 March 2016

While I was looking through this website, thinking it would tell me which credentials would be needed for a career in teaching, my concerns grew as to whether or not the school I am currently enrolled in will even give me a recognizable degree, or credits that are transferable. I also noticed that when information revealing that Everest University was formally known as "Florida Metropolitan University", it was posted as an alert. Exactly what is the former name an alert about? Were there issues with the school while they were practicing under that name I need to know about? I have obtained a student loan which I will be paying back for ten years, at least. I really don't want a large debt, and a degree on my wall to peer at, that either will be of no use to me. Can anyone give me some substantial and credible information to my concerns. My anxiety is maxed out, and I am doing my schoolwork with these concerns in the back of my mind. Very distracting and it is making me ill with worry and anxiety.

VickyPhillips posted this 11 June 2013 - Last edited 26 October 2015

Hi Margaretta,

The online school you are asking about Everest University used to be known as "Florida Metropolitan University" and changed its name a year or two ago. The site alert box you read refers to the universities name change as this online university may be known by either or both names when searching on our site and in general. In determining if there are any issues with this school you'd want to Google and search on BOTH names. A name change does not change other details like accreditation status.

This a 'controversy' section on this school on Wikipedia which you may want to read also. 

In terms of accreditation there are several types of accreditation that online colleges can hold. Background on that issue is here: Regionally accredited online college VS nationally accredited college

The above article explains the types of accreditation and what each means for consumers in terms of practical degree recognition and transfer credits later on.

The report page on Everest University Online in the accreditation section of our site notes the factual accreditation status of this online college.

Everest is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). It is NOT regionally accredited, and there has been some past controversy on that issue in regards to students and transfer credits.

YES, accreditation makes a difference in terms of transfer credits and using say an associate degree at one type of college to transfer up to another type later and earn say a bachelor's degree.

This issue is outlined in Wikipedia and on our site.

I hope this helps clarify the accreditation issue and what it means/can mean for students in terms of transfer credits.

All the best