Online Organic Chemistry Course No Lab

  • Last Post 31 October 2016
john1212 posted this 29 July 2016 - Last edited 01 November 2016

need help

I'm looking for online organic chemistry without lab i dont need it

Kayleigh posted this 31 October 2016

Hi john1212,

I found two online schools that offer organic chemistry online without the lab component (although there may be more!).

#1 The University of New England

UNE offers online chemistry courses but lets student's who need the lab (or who don't need the lab, in your case) register serparately. Therefore, you can take just the lecture portion of online organic chemistry which is 3 credits.

Find out more here.

#2 Cal Campus Online 

Same deal with Cal Campus. Students can register just for the lecture portion of Organic Chemistry.

Find out more here.

Both schools are regionally accredited so you won't have a problem getting the credits accepted.

Good luck!

Online Education Expert