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southbeachkristi posted this 24 October 2012 - Last edited 26 February 2016

I am in community college part-time, working to finish my associate's. Ultimately, I want to get my Bachelor's degree. The problem I am having is that, as a mother of 2 kids, with limited free time, I want to get my degree so I can transfer to start working on my Bachelor's, but I am having trouble at c.c. getting the classes I need. So I have decided to take online classes, which seems like the viable alternative so I can get the required classes. I found one called Ivy Bridge, that is accredited and has a transfer program. It did not come up when I searched this site. My question is this (hopefully Vicky or someone can answer): What do you know about Ivy Bridge College (of Tiffin University)? Does this seem like a good fit for my situation? Thanks for any advice!

VickyPhillips posted this 25 October 2012 - Last edited 25 October 2015

Hi Kristi,

The online bachelor completion program you mention -- Ivy Bridge College from Tiffin University in Ohio -- is on our site.

We can tell you (or you can see by visiting the link yourself) that this bachelor's program is a little more expensive than the other bachelors we profile -- affordability / cost ranking is a C-. If the school were compared online to private colleges online it is about average in cost. Unfortunately we have no verified online students who have been willing to review Tiffin U online so we can't share any insider views on this program.

This program has been around for awhile but I have heard little about it. Nothing negative. Nothing outstanding.

--->Hey, Ivy Bridge and Tiffin U almuni, where are you? Come review Tiffin online college programs for others like Christie.

Tiffin is a small private college in Ohio and the Ivy Bridge program was designed to give students a 2 year associates that will transfer later to a 4 year bachelor college. If you want this feature it is a good selling point for this program. HOWEVER there are hundreds of online community colleges nationwide that offer this same type of deal at a lower cost. (See our list of online community colleges more options.)

You may want to look at the accredited online bachelor degree programs we have on the site and compare them on the filters that matter to you. You can compare programs by cost, accreditation type, non profit vs for-profit, 100% vs hybrid, state, and student review grades until you find the best online degree for your needs.

Hopefully., in the meantime, some one enrolled in the Tiffin online program can give us more insight!

Vicky Phillips
Founder - GetEducated.com

IvyBridgeGrad12 posted this 25 October 2012 - Last edited 25 October 2015

Hi Kristi, and other GetEducated.com users!

I was just informed that no one has reviewed Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University yet, so I would like to do so :)

I graduated from Ivy Bridge College in June, completing my Associate of Arts in General Studies. The programs offered there are great, and the flexibility of online learning worked very well for me. I am also a full-time mom to my three-year-old daughter and I frequently care for my nephews of varying ages. Ivy Bridge provides more support to its students than any other school I have ever researched or attended through their Success Coach program. When you enroll, you are assigned a Success Coach who sticks with you throughout your program to help you stay focused and be successful. This is included in the cost of tuition, as is the Tutoring program through which you can get help in any subject area. I will admit, however, that online learning is a "horse of a different color" when compared to traditional brick-and-mortar schools. You have to develop excellent time management skills and keep yourself motivated to complete the reading and assignments. Overall, I am more than satisfied with my experience with Ivy Bridge College, and I would (and have) recommended it to friends and family who want to return to school. Kristi, you mentioned the transfer programs as well. I attended Ivy Bridge College to complete my associate's degree, and am now attending City University of Seattle online through the "2+2" program offered by Ivy Bridge. The transfer process was as seamless as possible, and I expect to complete my bachelor of science in accounting during the spring of 2014. The articulation (transfer) agreements that Ivy Bridge College has with other schools are great, and I have even won a transfer scholarship from CityU. In sum, I chose to attend Ivy Bridge College because of its connection to Tiffin University, which is near my home. I was pleasantly surprised when the school and the courses exceeded my expectations time and time again, since I expected to be on my own with my textbooks once my tuition bill was paid (and this was definitely not the case!). I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend Ivy Bridge and I am excited for my future. I hope that you will choose to do the same. I don't know if it is possible, but if Kristi or anyone else would like to contact me about my experience with Ivy Bridge College and the 2+2 program with CityU I would be happy to do so :)